Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Typical Pro Palestinian Talk Back

The Huffington Post has become a mostly antisemitic breeding ground despite their terms of service which calls for no antisemitic posts. Not all those that criticize Israel are antisemitic, and quite a few are a pleasure to have a discourse with. But then there are the ones that talk back just to read their words in print, or advance their hatred and antisemitic ways, FairuzGhowar is one of them (Not antisemitic, not does Fairuz seems to care for the Palestinians much). Rarely if ever provides substance, and mostly does not know much if anything about the I/P conflict. Here is an average exchange that symbolizes the ignorant Israel detractor who represent the majority of those who talk back in the Israel/Middle East topics. The topic is Fear and Loathing in Israel 2010. Another Ami Kaufman anti Israel non sense.

Avi bemoans that he's seeing racism at every turn, he just can't get a break, racism surrounds him, regardless of where he looks. Part of his cries described a demonstration in Bat Yam, where religious Jews protested that they don't want the Palestinians to hit on their girls. Of course it's absurd, but why is that racism? since when is demonstrating peacefully racism?

Anyway, the exchange that took place between myself and Fairuz is self explanatory:

Portrait of a Self Loathing Jew

IBsaltzman has been a member since November 2005. A strange fellow but mostly posts anti Israel rhetoric.Part of being Jewish is not just accepting things as they are thrown at you. Part of being Jewish is questioning and never settling for things that just don't sound right.

IBslatzman however is different. In his never ending haste to advance the Palestinian cause, he quite often says the strangest things. The way he structures his sentences makes one wonder just how much hate and feelings of self loath can one posses? Below, I present just a few examples for your viewing pleasure:

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A few notable quotes about the phenomenon of self loathing:

There is little doubt that psychologically, racism is harmful to its victims. The most profound effect associated with situations of extreme degradation (such as is found under slavery or in concentration camps or in racist states like South Africa) is the acceptance by the oppressed group of the dominant group's definition of the situation. This is the phenomenon of self-hatred found, for example, in cases of Jewish anti-Semitism or in the acceptance by blacks of white aesthetic criteria of having straight hair or a light skin. Self-hatred is often accompanied by symptoms of apathy, anxiety, and depression or by forms of self-destructive escapist reactions such as alcoholism or drug addiction or, in extreme cases, by paranoid, schizophrenic or manic depressive psychoses. In such situations of extreme degradation then, the oppressed group frequently reacts in an 'intropunitive' fashion; that is, it turns its frustrations inwardly against the self or the 'in' group at large.

from Racism And Its Effects, By Shreya Khatau, Bombay, India

Self-hate arises when the minority-group member, who takes so many of his values from the majority group, learns to think of himself in its terms. Because his group is strange in their eyes, he comes to believe himself strange. Since they look down on him, he begins to look down on himself, particularly on that which differentiates him. So, among Jews it was truly a compliment not to "look Jewish." Similarly, in the black community until recent years, the lighter one's skin, the higher one's social status was likely to be.2

- Eugene B. Borowitz, The Mask Jews Wear -- The Self-Deceptions of American Jewry, 1980

· Hannah Arendt (1970) described the Jews of Germany as having an unrequited love affair with German culture. The tragedy for such Jews was that the culture, which they embraced so passionately, was routinely anti-semitic. The same was true for the German speaking Jews of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Those, who were enthusiastic to be culturally German, adopted many of that culture's prejudices against things Jewish. The bourgeois, assimilating Jews directed these prejudices against the ghetto Jews of the eastern Europe, the Ostjuden, who displayed overt, and shameful, characteristics of Jewishness (Weitzmann, 1987). Jokes about Jewish dress, meanness and unclean habits were common: 'dirty-Jew' jokes were to find their way into Freud's Jokes and their Relation to the Unconscious. A brittle and painful constellation of feelings was involved: the desire to be German, the separation from Jewishness, the association of Jewishness with despised traits, and a recognition that the true Germans would still see Jewishness in themselves, despite their all efforts. At its extreme, this constellation formed the basis of what has become known as 'self-hatred'

- from Freud and Dora: repressing an oppressed identity, by Michael Billig, Department of Social Sciences, University of Loughborough. Published in the British Journal of Social Psychology

· The insistence shown by so many Jews in wishing themselves other than they are, in refusing to see the reasons for their common misfortune, and in being blind to the difficult splendour of a Jewish vocation, is an indication of a deep-seated spiritual malaise. These Jews will remain prisoners of the resulting contradictions so long as they refuse to accept themselves for what they are. Self-awareness and political commitment must go hand-in-hand.

...I oppose assimilation as a policy because, contrary to what its champions believe or would have us believe, it in no way brings us nearer the advent of a world-wide republic; rather does it reinforce the ethnocentrism of other peoples to the detriment of the Jews alone. Throughout the ages, and especially since the events of this century, many Jews have dreamt of escaping from the cycle of persecution-toleration. This dream the assimilationist fails to see, or seeing, denies, and remains unmoved by a natural human reaction to an intolerable threat.

- Jacques Givet, "The Anti-Zionist Complex"

Why would certain Jews ally themselves with forces that openly express a hatred for the Jewish people, and act on that hatred.

  • I cannot imagine why a Jew would seek methods to push his nation over the cliff but, our history is replete with the sick, the aberrant, the suicidal. Perhaps, every so often we are cursed with an erratic gene which produces a twisted small child who becomes a sick twisted small adult. The Jewish people may need a gigantic Freudian couch on which to cure their distorted self esteem which has been engendered by the unremitting hostility and genocide committed by many nations of the world. They hated the people who accepted the Word of the one G-d. Even as Jews are being attacked daily by bullets, bombs and boulders, Israel's leaders buy another package of deceit from Arafat to cease his violence. How sad to see what could have been a great contributing nation march toward oblivion singing the praises of the man and his people who hate Israel with such a powerful killing passion.

- Emanuel A. Winston
Middle East Analyst & Commentator

Who are these self-hating Jews? What are their stories?

  • History affords us numerous examples of Jewish people confused over their identities and even of those suffering from self-hatred. Perhaps the phenomenon began with those Jews who chose to remain in Babylon rather than return to Jerusalem under the leadership of Nehemiah. Maybe we can trace the origins of this malady to the Jews who accepted Hellenization and worshipped the graven images of the Greek gods.
  • The historian Flavius Josephus was a Jewish general who chose to join the side of the Romans rather than lay down his life on the side of the Jewish people. He later wrote Jewish history, or more accurately "anti-Jewish history," to please the Romans. Josephus is a "Benedict Arnold" of his generation, and he exemplifies disloyalty to Judaism.
  • Unfortunately, some of the most vehement self-professed haters of the Jewish people were so-called "converts to Christianity." Johannes Pfefferkorn was allegedly converted to Christianity by the Dominicans in 1504. Only three years later, he began writing anti-Jewish tracts which called for "the suppression of the Talmud; prohibition of usury; forced attendance at sermons to Jews...; expulsion of the Jews from the last German cities which had sizable Jewish communities...The name Pfefferkorn became proverbial for unprincipled denigrators of their own origin and faith."3
  • There were also great Jewish philosophers who suffered from an aggravated confusion over their Jewish identities. Karl Marx is perhaps the most extreme example of this. It is curious to note that both his mother and father were the offspring of rabbis. Marx's father, who became a prominent Russian Jewish lawyer, converted to Protestantism because of an edict prohibiting Jews from being legal advocates. In Marx's own materialistic interpretation of the world, he found no place for a valid Jewish experience. In his essay "Zur Judenfrage" ("About the Jewish Question") he wrote:

What is the secular basis of Judaism? Practical need, self-interest. What is the worldly cult of the Jew? Huckstering. What is his worldly god? Money...Out of its entrails bourgeois society continually creates Jews. [Encyclopedia Judaica, Vol. 11, pp. 1071- 1074]

How ironic that Marx's view of his own Jewish people became a view of Hitler, who boasted of his anti-Communism.

  • Sigmund Freud also suffered from identity rejection, as Leon Vogel points out:

We can perhaps conclude that Freud, victim of his own inferiority complex, did not completely resolve his conflicts by self-analysis, and was ultimately unable quite to accept his own identity as a Jew. He proved unable to overcome his rejection by the world of German culture, whose spiritual son he was, which gave rise to immense feelings of frustration. It was to resolve that dilemma that Freud wrote his book on Moses and monotheism.[Leon Vogel, "Freud and Judaism: An Analysis in the Light of His Correspondence," Judaism, Issue 94, Vol. 24, No. 2]

  • In recent times, popular writers such as Philip Roth (Portnoy's Complaint) have parodied Jewishness by depicting Jews with all too human faults, yet with none of the divine nobility or redeeming traits which have characterized Jewish life through the ages. Marie Syrkin writes:

Roth's chief contribution to the Jewish mother routine is the picture of momma threatening her son with a long bread knife to make him eat. To make sure that this maniacal bit is viewed as characteristic of the type rather than as an individual aberration, the Jewish ladies who come to play mah-jongg applaud this technique in child care. [Marie Syrkin, "The Fun of Self-Abuse," Midstream, April 1969]

  • In order to unravel the psychology of self-deception, Furet makes a close study of the Hungarian philosopher Georg LukAcs. LukAcs was the son of a liberal Jewish businessman, and both his Judaism and his bourgeois origins became, for him, a source of shame. As Furet observes, intellectuals often find escape from self-hatred in the pursuit of the universal. For LukAcs, communism offered the grandest universalism there was, a science of History that would lift him above his Judaism and his bourgeois origins and associate his life with the redemptive and cleansing force of the proletariat.

- The New Republic

  • Noam Chomsky intellectual snob, and self deluded darling of the Berkley, Harvard , M .I.T, axis was in Baghdad by the bay(Berkley California) on the weekend of March 16th 1991 surrounded by adoring allocates and other human worshipers who wallow in intellectual graffiti . The sad story of this insane worship as told by Mr. David Armstrong of the San Francisco Examiner is unfolded for all people to see. Like opening a fetid rancid rats nest the clear light of exposure is needed, Herr professor of The holy institute(M.I.T) gets the chance to lay his eggs of lies at the supreme altar of self hatred. There this maven of self pretentious intellect and deceit had the chance to rant and rave at his twin evils of the universe, the United States of America and Israel. There he received the allocades of an audience that revels in the debasement and slander of his crusade. Spouting outright lies and distortions(such the accusation that Israel has murdered hundreds and thousands of Arabs during the intifada), Chomsky fumigated and pouted that the press didn't attack Israel for the crimes of Iraq during the recent gulf war. he said of course Israel caused the gulf war , thereby parroting the butcher of Baghdad's line completely) He also criticized CNN's coverage (which other people thought was an organ for Iraqi propaganda)as being too pro U.S ! .. Wow this was astounding since Mr. Chomsky doesn't have cable T.V. and never even saw CNN's coverage himself !!

But this is consistent with Noamy boys total and regular disregard for facts. Facts are alien for this strange creature of self hatred for all Jewish institutions and ideas. Bronx born Grand concourse and all , this vile mench rebelled against his people early in life. At institutions of the far left he can meet people who appear to live for nothing but hatred for America and Israel. Here the far left meet in a circle with the neo Nazis of the far right. Together the ubber Mench noami can walk hand in hand with and reveal in an intellectual conspiracy theory of a Zionist dominated universe. To call noamy an intellectual is an oxy moron. He specializes in his chosen M.I.T. academic endeavor in something called "linguistics ". Note this is not "languages " as normal people know for it would be a standard to measure intellectual achievement . no noamy boy chose linguistics simply because in fact his specialty is based on LANGUAGES THAT CAN NEVER BE PROVED TO EXIST !! Its about prelanguages that may have existed but no record of which has ever been found. Perfect for a man who doesn't like FACTS getting in his way. This way he can make up his own rules as he goes along . Noamy boy is not stupid. As a former graduate of the renowned Bronx high school of Science he had to be smart. He is extremely clever in getting people to believe pure intellectual manure , of which he is the king of the hill.

- Ruth's Forum, Yuk Award