Thursday, November 11, 2010

Portrait of a mentally deranged human being:

Known IP address for this individual:

Today’s entry is about an individual who is clearly deeply disturbed. I’ve had an entry about this individual right here in September 2010, (search under Alex Young). At the time, I wasn’t aware just how disturbed this individual truly is.

It started out with a couple of profiles (Socks) created by the same individual on the Huffington Post. In each instance that individual is easily recognizable because the pattern of their behavior is identical. I wont mention what else is identical because this individual is reading this blog.

Here is a list of some of the known screen names that this psychotic individual is masquerading under. Huffington Post moderators please, resolving this very sick, very disturbed individual's DNS, it will direct you to their location, you have the software, I encourage you to put it to good use to end the terror that this individual inflicts on people that participate in your forums. This individual stalks people, creates threatening website accounts with their names and is hostile and confrontational to others whom he/she perceives as friendly to Israel:

Magedfoxx Member Since July 2010

ariel Aston Member Since November 2010

Majed Mazin no longer a member, banned previously

Ana Lane no longer a member, banned previously

Aja Mazin no longer a member, banned previously

I will be adding the name as this individual keeps popping up under new names, just to keep track of the mentally deranged.