Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Israel Thrives: Obama is Not a Friend

Israel Thrives: Obama is Not a Friend

Obama's Foreign Policy Flubs

Since Obama took office, the Middle East has been burning.

Russia has been mocking the US literally everywhere, including threatening the US over the Missile Shield.

Our Emb. Gets murdered in a well-coordinated effort. Prior to his murder, the Americans have asked multiple times for help, which the US government denied, and eventually told them to stop asking.

Egypt, Libya, Tunisia etc.. were all more or less stable, until Obama set foot in office.

Iran’s nuclear weapons program is progressing.

He couldn’t win over China and Russia for even a simple symbolic UN condemnation of Syria’s Assad’s regime.

Morsi, the newly elected Egyptian President, a former Muslim Brotherhood member, has renewed their relationship with Iran. And openly stated that the US is neither foe nor ally (To the tune of almost USD 3BB annually).

The Peace negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians has tanked. The Palestinians have approached the UN in a unilateral move, seeking statehood.

His certainty that we can successfully wield soft power without hard power to back it up is giving encouragement to foes like Iran, Syria, Libya etc … (Libya is no friend to the US).

Obama is however excellent at, unfailingly I might add, tossing human rights, democracy, and a strong U.S. military under the bus, as he’s so fond of doing with allies.