Saturday, September 18, 2010

A perfect example of an anti Semite

Attempting to delegitimatize or question the existence of Israel (calling for it's demise, questioning it's establishment) is antisemitic behavior, this individual here, though a Huffington Post moderator (Surprise surprise), is one of the biggest antisemitic individuals in the comments section:

Direct link to exchange below

Friday, September 17, 2010

In response to the Huffington Post’s publishing the organ theft in South Africa:

I posted the following comment

Ms. Narwani, the infamous anti semitic blogger, responded, this is our exchange:


With the recent spike in antisemitism I've decided to create a blog that points out examples of such.

Stay tuned, because there are several places on the internet that are hotbeds for this:

Huffington Post is the leader, their comment section is pleagued with antisemitic remarks and their moderators are not doing a particularly good job at dealing with it.  Furthermore, The Huffington Post listerally scouts stories and news articles that paint Israel in a negative light.  They solicit bloggers such as MJ Rosenberg, Shramain Narwani, Max Blumenthall, who made a career out of publishing anti Israel and in Narwani's case down right antisemitic commentaries.

The Kos is another hot bed, but I'll concentrate on one area at the time for the time being.