Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Vetting Hagel

Chuck Hagel is being considered for the position of the Sec. of Defense of the US. He is a former United States Senator from Nebraska. A member of the Republican Party, Hagel was first elected to the Senate in 1996. He was reelected in 2002 and then retired in 2008. He is currently a professor at the Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University.  During his political career, Hagel voted 78.1% of the time with the Republican party.

Here is a picture of Hagel’s voting record (small example of issues that should be important to many of us, regardless of our political affiliation):

·         Voted YES on prohibiting lawsuits against gun manufacturers.

·         Voted NO on background checks at gun shows.

·         Voted YES on barring HHS grants to organizations that perform abortions.

·         Voted YES on maintaining ban on Military Base Abortions.

·         Voted YES on prohibiting minors crossing state lines for abortion.

·         Voted NO on expanding research to more embryonic stem cell lines.

·         Voted NO on expanding hate crimes to include sexual orientation.

·         Voted NO on capping of foreign aid at only $12.7 billion.

·         Voted YES on requiring photo ID to vote in federal elections.

·         Voted NO on funding for National Endowment for the Arts.

·         Voted NO on factoring global warming into federal project planning.

·         Voted NO on tax incentives for energy production and conservation.

·         Voted YES for continued increase in aid to Israel.

·         Voted NO for sanctions against Iran, opposing even those aimed at the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, which at the time was orchestrating devastating bomb attacks against U.S. troops in Iraq.

·         Voted NO on to classify Hezbollah as a terrorist organization

·         Voted YES for Iraq invasion.

Chuck though has a major problem with Israel. A deeper look at Hagel's record exposes a deep-rooted detestation of Israel far outside the norm for average run-of-the-mill Israel critics. 

Modern day anti-Semitism has taken a more insidious form; this monster masks itself as legitimate criticism of Israel, with the purported aim of advancing "human rights." 
Old fashioned anti-Semitism is calling for the destruction of Israel, old fashion anti-Semitism is calling Jews kikes. Denying the Holocaust, that’s all that we are accustomed to as anti-Semitism. 

This right here, is new day, modern day anti-Semitism.  Make no mistake about it.

·         In 1996 The AJC asked senators to join a statement against anti-Semitism in Russia that would appear during then-president Boris Yeltsin’s visit to the United States.

Harris, the President of AJC says “We published the letter as a full-page ad in the New York Times with 99 Senate signatories. Only Sen. Hagel’s name was absent.”

·         Hagel's 2006 libelous reference to the so-called "Jewish lobby," raising the old anti-Semitic canard -- very big in the Arab world and among Nazi conspiracists -- of rich, powerful Jews influencing Washington and American policies.   He didn’t call it Israel lobby, he called it a Jewish lobby.  Almost 50% of Jews are not Israeli.

As a Democrat, would you be comfortable with him as a Secretary of Defense?
As a Republican, would you be comfortable with him as a Secretary of Defense?